How do I use UPK Online Tutorials?

When you click on the "Online Tutorials" links from any page within the OMNI Training site, a new window in your browser will appear. This window contains several key features explained below:


  • When you click on the "Online Tutorials" links from any page within the OMNI Training site, a new window in your browser will appear. Make sure your pop-up blockers are turned off to allow the window to appear.


  • The very first step you must take in order to view Online Tutorials is expand the tutorial sections. When the Online Tutorial window first appears, it will look similar to the below screen shot.



  • The tutorial Outline is located at the far left side of the browser. This pane shows all topics available in each section. You will need to expand each section using the plus sign to reveal all tutorials. In some cases, it may be necessary to expand multiple sections before the tutorials appear.


  • Within each section, multiple tutorials may be available. A tutorial is denoted with the paper icon (also pictured below). Select the tutorial you would like to review, then select a Playback Mode (highlighted in yellow below, found in the top right corner of the screen) to view the tutorial.



  • Also within the Outline pane is the Search Bar. Enter a keyword in the Search box and click the magnifying glass button to return all revelant tutorials. This feature is only available from within the Online Tutorial browser and only returns related Tutorials.


  • The main section of the screen, highlighted in yellow on the screen shot below, displays an "Overview" section, which provides a lesson purpose or introduction, detailed policy information, as well as other important reminders to review before beginning the tutorial. Read this information carefully before choosing a Playback Mode to view the tutorial.


  • After reading the "Overview," select a Playback Mode from the top, right corner of the screen, to begin the tutorial.


  • The first screen of the tutorial will display specific "Scenario" and "Key Information."
      • The "Scenario" will provide a brief summary of the process(es) you will be completing in the tutorial.
      • The "Key Information" section denotes data you will need access to in order to follow the same procedure in OMNI. Remember information depicted in the tutorials represent sample data. For example, if a tutorial instructs you to enter an Employee's ID of 82501, you will follow those instructions within the tutorial, but when completing this same process in OMNI for your own tasks, you will need to enter the appropriate Employee's ID - not that which was given in the tutorial. "Key information" simply describes exactly what will be needed to perform this task in OMNI.
      • For the purpose of training, no materials are required while learning or reviewing procedures.