Helpful Hints!

Experiencing difficulty with OMNI Training content?

You've come to the right place!


Here are easy solutions to some of the most common issues users may experience:

  • Can't open Online Tutorials? Turn off your pop-up blocker to enable the Online Tutorial window to appear.


  • Can't see/read the Tutorial's bubbles? Try adjusting your screen resolution to 1024x768.


  • Still can't see/read text? Remember, it may be necessary to scroll up and down or left and right within a tutorial to view the full screen or read all bubble text.


  • Playback Modes won't appear or are grayed out? Use only the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari to view playback modes (See It, Try It, Know It, and Do It). Review the UPK Browser Compatibility Chart for a detailed breakdown of UPK's browser functionality.


  • Difficulty using Safari? Ensure you are using a recent version of Safari (version 4.0 or higher). If you are not running a recent version of the browser, upgrade or try using Internet Explorer or Firefox instead, if possible.


  • Still having problems access online tutorials? If you are using one of the certified browsers and versions and still experiencing difficulty accessing content, use the printable Training Guides are available on each page of the OMNI Training site instead. Trianing Guides are printable PDF copies of the step-by-step procedure detailed in the online tutorial.


  • Don't know which Playback mode to select? Try each one until you identified your own unique learning style!
See It! See It! mode plays a movie-like simulation. All you have to do is sit back, watch, and enjoy!
Try It! Try It! mode is an interactive mode. The bubble will direct you through the process while you follow its instructions.
Know It! Know It! mode is a self-assessment tool. Don't worry! We don't keep your scores and you can start over or retake the assessment as many times as you would like.
Do It! Do It! mode interfaces the Try It! mode with live OMNI. When selecting this mode, you will see it appear in the lower right corner of your screen. Log into live OMNI and follow the instructions given in the Do It! mode to complete your real-life process!


  • If you are experiencing an issue using this site or any content therein, which is not answered on this page, click here to report your problem for help.