What are Jump In Points?


Jump In Points Overview--


For your convenience, Jump In Points have been added to particularly lengthy tutorials. This feature enables you to pause, stop, and restart from within a tutorial and accommodates interruptions which regularly occur in the workplace. Whether its answering the phone or greeting a visitor, Jump In Points allow you to take a break from training until full attention can be given.


Jump In Points allow you to break and restart sections of OMNI Training, similar to chapters on a DVD. When starting a tutorial, you have the capability to "Jump In" at a certain revelant portion of the tutorial or continue from previously viewed section. Jump In points are also helpful when you need to learn only a portion of a task or have mastered some portions of a task, but not others, particularly in functions with multiple steps.


Jump In Points are signified by a gold arrow in the See It!, Try It!, and Do It! playback mode boxes. When you click this arrow, a menu of links to various sections will appear. Jump In Points can be used in the See It!, Try It!, or Do It! modes. Choose the mode of your personal preference.


For more information on the different features of each mode, click here to review Getting Started with Playback Modes.



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