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What is UPK?

User Productivity Kit, also known as UPK, is an Oracle product and on-demand training tool that will allow you to learn how to use OMNI at your work station, at your own pace, and at a time that fits in your work schedule. To learn more about UPK, click here!

How do I use UPK Online Tutorials?

UPK has made Online Training available to you at your desk on your own time! Try these great Online Tutorials today! But first, there are some things you need to know before getting started. To learn more about getting started with Online Tutorials, click here!

What are Playback Modes?

Playback Modes allow you to choose the training mode that works best for your learning preference. There are now 5 playback modes: See It!, Try It!, Know It?, Do It!, and Print It! To learn more about the various Playback Modes, click here!

What are Jump In Points?

Jump In Points enables you to pause, stop, or re-start a tutorial and accommodates interruptions which regularly occur in the workplace. Whether its answering the phone or greeting a visitor, Jump In Points allow you to take a break from training until full attention can be given. To learn more about Jump In Points, click here!

What else can UPK do?

Within OMNI Training tutorials many exciting "extra features" are included. For example, additional information may be incorporated within online tutorials in various places. This additional information could come in the form of hyperlinks to other documents or words found in the Glossary, alternative paths, or decision frames. All these "extra features" dramatically increase the quality and value of training. To learn more about "Extra Features" within Online Tutorials, click here!

Online Tutorial Browser Compatibility

Click here to review the browser compatibility list for Online Tutorials. Ensure you are using one of the certified browsers and versions before attempting to view training content.

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