Sponsored Research Activities

View Sponsored Research training materials regarding proposals and OMNI inquiries for Sponsored Projects.


Online Tutorials: Coming Soon!

Choose from any of the following topics within the Online Tutorial:

  • Proposal Development Guide
  • Creating a New Proposal
  • Adding/Updating Chair/Dean Alternates
  • Approving Proposals


Sponsored Project Inquiries:

  • Sponsored Projects Inquiry
  • Available Balance
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Project Expenditure Detail
  • HR/GL Detail Report


Training Guides:


Sponsored Project Inquiries:


Classroom Training:


Suggested Courses:

  • Sponsored Programs Proposal Development - This hands-on course trains users to successfully create and submit a sponsored projects proposal in OMNI 8.9. Proposal Development Guide.



  • Cost Sharing for Sponsored Projects - This course trains users to understand cost sharing for sponsored projects. Additionally, users will learn how cost sharing will be accounted for in OMNI version 8.9. Cost Sharing for Sponsored Programs Course Slides.


  • OMNI Inquiry for Sponsored Projects - This hands-on course trains users to manage sponsored projects in OMNI version 8.9. The agenda includes inquiring on awards and projects for financial management. Additionally, queries and reports that are useful for project expenditure analysis will be presented. Inquiry for Sponsored Projects Guide.



Security Roles:

To request this role, submit an Online Role Request.

  • FSU_PY_FI_REP_INQUIRY - To run the above Sponsored Project Inquiries, you must hold this role.


  • FSU_FI_EVERYONE - Access to do sponsored projects inquiry are given to all FSU Employees with this role upon receipt of an OMNI login. For more information regarding how to receive access to OMNI, review procedures at How do I get OMNI access?



FSU Service Center:

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  • Submit a ticket to the Sponsored Research Issue Area if you are experiencing an issue related to the above actions.


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