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View Budget Office training materials regarding budget manager activities, commitment control inquiries, budget transfers, and OBI available balance and financial & budget position reports.


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  • 2009-2010 Operating Budget Training - This year the required training is on-line through Blackboard. There are 7 Topics covered with a Skills Assessment at the end of each unit that must be passed with an 80%. Completion of all 7 Topics must take place before you are allowed to enter your budget. Click here for more information.


  • Managing a Budget - For Budget Managers and other fiscal personnel. Topics covered include the various types of budget entities at the University, policies and procedures related to each, Budget Manager responsibilities, OMNI Commitment Control ledgers, Budget Transfers, and general resources that OMNI Financials users may find helpful. Please note: Issues related to DSOs and C&G departments are not specifically addressed.


  • Introduction to Auxiliaries - For Budget Managers and other fiscal personnel. An introduction to Auxiliaries, including how to create a new auxiliary, classification of different auxiliary types, policies and procedures, rate methodology, audit expectations, and record retention requirements. Other topics covered include a timeline of important dates, overhead assessments, and available resources. It is recommended that participants enroll in the Auxiliary Rate Calculation class.


  • Auxiliary Rate Calculation - For budget managers and fiscal personnel who prepare University auxiliary rate calculations. This class covers regulatory framework for a rate calculation, Basic concepts for calculating a rate, an example of an auxiliary rate calculation along with reconciliation of expenses and an allowable cash balance worksheet using University financial records, documents and resources, and models for estimating auxiliary revenue– hourly, cost plus and cost plus fixed.


Security Roles:

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  • FSU_FI_EVERYONE - Access to view budget information is given to all FSU Employees with this role upon receipt of an OMNI login. For more information regarding how to receive access to OMNI, review procedures at How do I get OMNI access?


  • FSU_BUDGET_ANALYST - For select fiscal personnel in VP’s or Dean's Offices. Used once a year to enter E&G Operating Budget allocations. Budget Office manages access to specific Schools/Colleges.


  • FSU_BUDGET_PREPARER - For Non-E&G Budget Managers of Auxiliaries, Locals, and DRS. Used once a year to enter Non-E&G Operating Budget requests. In order for role request to be approved, user must be defined as an OMNI Budget Manager on a Non-E&G department.


  • FSU_BUDGET_TRANSFER - For Budget Managers and other select fiscal personnel. Used to transfer OMNI budget during the year. Budget Office manages access to specific Funds, Departments, and Budgetary Accounts.



FSU Service Center:

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  • Submit a ticket to the OBI Reporting - OBI Issue Area if you are experiencing an issue related to the running above OBI Reports (Available Balance, Financial & Budget Position, or Year End Reports).


  • Submit a ticket to the Budget Issue Area if you are experiencing an issue related to budget transfers, commitment control inquiries, budget allocations, budget combinations, or other budget-related topics.


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