Now What?

I have access to OMNI, but what do I do now?

Once you have access to OMNI, browse the OMNI Training site's useful materials to begin learning the OMNI processes relevant to your job and employment at FSU.


This site is broken down into sub-sections within the left-hand menu. To make the most of your training, get started by reviewing the How to use Online Training?. The Online Training Basics page provides detailed information to help you better understand the modes of training available on this site.


After you have reviewed the How to use Online Training?, browse through other relevant information within the left-hand navigation.


  • If your job entails Human Resources related processes, such as entering or approving time or submitting ePaf transactions, try browsing through the OMNI Human Resources Folder link and the various HR training available.


  • If your job entails Financial processes, such as creating Expense Reports and Travel Authorizations, browse through the OMNI Financials link.


  • If you would like to receive information on OBI, our Reporting system, and useful processes therein,such as running the Cost Center report or Departmental Ledgers, browse the myFSU BI Reporting link.


Within each specific area of training, there are multiple features designed to fit your personal learning style and provide a comprehensive OMNI education. Take time to research all the options and valuable resources available to you!


Great Features of OMNI Training:


Online Tutorials provide the opportunity to see and practice key processes in a simulated OMNI environment.

 Training Guides provide the opportunity to view and/or print processes in two easy-to-follow, step-by-step formats. The Training Manuals include step-by-step instruction along with OMNI screen shots. The Quick Reference Guides provide the same content and step-by-step instruction, but do not include OMNI screen shots.

 Classroom Training provides the opportunity to join instructor-led classes via links to class schedules and registration.

 Security Roles detail the required OMNI security roles for associated tasks, which can be requested, as needed, through OMNI's Online Role Request (eORR) application.

FSU Service Center is FSU's online support system, which allows you to submit help tickets for issues, problems, or questions to subject-matter experts. This section provides detailed information regarding the FSU Service Center's help ticket categories for specific areas or tasks.

 Additional Information provides other helpful information to increase knowledge of OMNI procedures and FSU business policies, such as PowerPoint Presentations, FAQ's, and valuable Queries.

Contact Information provides resource information to contact a subject-matter expert in that area for all additional questions which remain after completing online training.