Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service relates to viewing or entering your own personal data within OMNI, such as viewing or entering time, viewing your paycheck, updating direct deposit information, viewing your W2, etc. All below actions can be completed by any employee with OMNI access.


Application Information

Click Here to View training materials regarding the Application process for both already existing FSU Employees (Internal Applicants) or non FSU Employees (External Applicants).

Paycheck Activities

Click here to view training materials regarding Paycheck Activities on your previous or current paychecks, including direct deposit, voluntary deductions, W2, W4 Information.

Personal Information

Click here to view training materials regarding changes to Personal Information, such as name, mailing address, phone number, and job information, including compensation history.

Reporting Time

Click here to view training materials regarding the Reporting Time process for OPS, A&P, USPS, and Faculty. This area also includes instructions on viewing previous or current reported time.

OMNI Security Requests

Click here to view OMNI Security Requests training materials regarding how to request OMNI security access for Human Resources and Financials modules.

Training Registration

Click here to view training materials regarding the new Training Registration process now available from within OMNI, required only for training sessions listed in the HR Training Course Schedule.

Additional Resources

Click here to view Additional Resources training materials on miscellaneous activities, such as running queries, clearing browser cache, and setting favorites.

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