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Omni Training


Welcome to FSU's OMNI Training Site!

This site is designed to provide, in one place, the key resources needed to learn about the OMNI system. Training content seen within this site will contain the following features:


Online Tutorials provide the opportunity to see and practice key processes in a simulated OMNI environment.


Training Guides provide the opportunity to view and/or print processes in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format.


Classroom Training provides the opportunity to join instructor-led, lecture-style classes via links to class registration and schedules.


Security Roles detail the required OMNI security roles for associated tasks, which can be requested, as needed, through OMNI's Online Role Request (eORR) application.


FSU Service Center is FSU's online support system, which allows you to submit help tickets for issues, problems, or questions to subject-matter experts. This section provides detailed information regarding the FSU Service Center help ticketing categories for specific areas or tasks.


 Additional Information provides other helpful information to increase knowledge of OMNI procedures and FSU business policies, such as PowerPoint Presentations, FAQ's, and valuable Queries.


 Contact Information provides resource information to contact experts in that area for additional questions not answered by completing the Online Tutorials.


Feedback!  Fill out this quick survey and give us your comments, opinions, and suggestions for making this site and OMNI Training better! Click here to provide feedback on OMNI Training.

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