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OMNI Training / OMNI Human Resources

OMNI Human Resources

Content here, on the OMNI Human Resources page, relates to tasks typically completed by Departmental users in the below areas. For instruction regarding personal tasks completed within the Human Resources module, refer to the Employee Self-Service page.

A&P ePerformance

A&P ePerformance Evaluation training materials regarding Supervisor and Employee actions required on the ePerformance Evaluation form.

Employee Data Management Activities

Training materials regarding how to use ePaf and pPaf. 

Appointment Activities

Training materials regarding entering appointments for graduate assistants and faculty in Summer and Fall.

ePAF+ Activities

ePAF+ Activities

Access the Human Resources Module

Job Information

Training materials regarding viewing the following job data reports: job code table, multiple jobs for employee, employee job summary, employee job data, and salary ranges.

OMNI Security

Training materials regarding submitting and approving role requests and assigning alternate users for approvals.

Payroll Activities

Training materials regarding accessing employees' paychecks and running the active employees, cost center, HR-GL detail, and position detail reports.

Recruiting Activities

Training materials regarding the hiring process, such as creating and viewing job openings and job offers, applicant data, scheduling interviews, completing an interview evaluation and pre-employment checklist, using OPS express, and hiring graduate assistants.

Time Management

Training materials regarding Department Representative tasks related to actions on employee timesheets, such as approving, correcting, reporting, and viewing time for employees, managing exceptions, and running the employee payable time and time verification reports.

Training Registration


View training materials regarding the training registration process

Additional Resources

Training materials on miscellaneous management activities, such as managing the Department Representative list, clearing browser cache, running queries, and setting favorites.