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OMNI Training / Employee Self-Service / Paycheck Activities / Paycheck Activities

Paycheck Activities

View training materials regarding the following options concerning your previous or current paychecks: direct deposit, voluntary deductions, W2, W4 Information.


Online Tutorials: Now Available!

Choose from any of the following topics within the Online Tutorial:


Training Guides:


Classroom Training:

No courses for Paycheck Activities are currently being offered.


Security Roles:

  • Access to do the above self-service actions are given to all FSU Employees with the FSU_SS_Employee role upon receipt of an OMNI login.
  • For more information regarding how to receive access to OMNI, review procedures at How do I get OMNI access?


FSU Service Center:

Need Help? Log a FSU Service Center case!

  • Submit a ticket to Payroll/Paycheck Issue Area if you are experiencing an issue related to performing the above actions.


Additional Information:

  • Frequently Asked Questions


Contact Information: